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Expert Repair and Refinishing Services

Paramount Industries offers unsurpassed, highest quality repair and refinishing services of bowling balls. Our process maintains precision balance and roundness while making old bowling balls like new again.

Price (not including shipping):  

  • EPCO Brand - $23.84 per ball
  • Other Brands - $29.38 per ball

How to Order Repair & Refinish Services

  1. Call Customer Service at (508) 533-8480 to get a firm quote and receive instructions
  2. Send or drop off your bowling balls to:  Paramount Industries, Inc., 42 Milford Street, Medway, MA 02053
  3. Please allow 20 working days for the work to be done.

Nicks, Scratches & Chips - How bowling balls get damaged

With the advent of automatic pinsetters, damage done to bowling balls such as nicks, scratches and chips of all sizes became more prevalent and an inherent part of bowling.  There is no way bowling balls can be rolled to knock down pins without the possibility of damage being done to them.  It may be the first  time a ball is rolled or, as in most cases, many times later.

A pinsetter consists of many sharp objects such as bolts, nuts, angle iron, gears, chains and much more.  Any object coming into contact with these metal objects will receive damage.  Bowling balls are delivered at various speeds; some speeds being slow and easy while other speeds being fast and powerful.  As a result, bowling balls will bounce and ricochet all over the pit area resulting in the bowling ball coming into striking pins and/or other items that will cause damage to bowling balls.

In 1952, E. Parrella Co., Inc. (EPCO) pioneered the process of repairing and refinishing bowling balls that were damaged by automatic pinsetters.  This process continues today.  


Some brands of inferior quality may nick, scratch or chip more than other brands of better quality;  however, all bowling balls will receive damage to various degrees, balls manufactured and are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year.  Damage such as scratches, nicks, chips etc. caused by pinsetters or other foreign objects are not covered by this warranty.  All bowling balls depending on what the bowling balls strikes and how sharp that object is. EPCO brand bowling balls are the highest quality bowling should be used at ambient temperatures.  Bowling balls left in cold or hot environments should be allowed to acclimate to normal temperatures and conditions. 

Care of Bowling Balls

Bowling Balls should be cleaned with regular household detergent water base cleaners such as dish detergent etc. and soft cloths.  Items such as steel wool, abrasive cleaners such as cleansers, solvents such as alcohol or other caustic cleaners should not be used.  After washing bowling balls, slippery waxes should not be used as they create slippery gripping conditions.  EPCO recommends the EPCO Ball Polish & Grip Cream for a lite luster with a good grip.