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Billiard Ball Personalization & Customization

A great service to offer to billiard ball customers!

A unique gift idea for the person who has everything!  Use as promotional and advertising products and open a whole new customer base with new profits.

Call us at (508) 533-8480 or email us at for details

Please allow 20 working days for production.

Computerized Engraving

Used for engraving single line patterns of names and initials in our standard "Block" lettering style.

Requires inlaid process #INL102P

Single line engraving.

.04 D x 1/8"W.

Maximum coverage area is 1/4" H x 1 1/2" L

Up to 9 letters per line, 3 line maximum

Laser Engraving

Used to engrave intricate designs, logos or lettering styles, other than block style, where sharp details are required.

Maximum coverage area 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"

1-color color fill in engraved areas

Requires inlaid process #INL102P

Camera ready artwork required - EPS or PDF

Required - email your camera ready artwork to

IMPORTANT: Whenever the engraving process is used with billiard balls, the inlaid process must also be used.


Inlaid Billiard Balls or Cue Balls

Inlaid is the process of filling the engraved area with the same material the billiard ball is made of and then machining the billiard ball to ensure precision balance and roundness while also providing for a perfectly smooth surface to ensure a perfect roll.

  • Send us a photo image of your Name, Logo or Short Message, and we will       INLAY your message into the ball surface.
  • Up to 2 Colors
  • No set up charge.
  • Price is per ball - one line only.

Clear Billiard Imprinting

Personalize our clear billiard balls with names, initials, short messages or simple logos printed on inserts that are centered into the middle of each ball.

Send us a photo image of your Name, Logo, Short Message, or Design.

Imprinted on both sides.

Maximum coverage with a number is 3/4" x 1“, without a number is  3/4" x 1 7/16".

Imprinting process can be done on clear balls ONLY.

Unless specified, font style is "Times New Roman".

Camera ready artwork is required in EPS or PDF format.

Photo Imaging on Billiard Balls

Photo Imaging imprints your photo or design directly into the surface of the ball approximately 4-5 thousandths of an inch deep. This is not a surface printing  process like pad printing  or screen printing that quickly wears off.

Maximum coverage area is 1 7/8" x 1 7/8".

Used with multi-color photos, pictures, custom designs, and logos.

Multiple colors can be used.

Ivory or white dots, 1 1/4" diameter, must be added to dark color billiard balls to provide an area for the photo imaging process.

No setup charge.

Image file type required is in .JPG please.

Email your camera ready artwork to

Ivory Dots added to Dark Color Billiard Balls

  • Ivory Dots are added to dark color billiard balls in order to provide an area where the photo imaging process can be performed.
  • Coverage area is 1 1/4".
  • No set up charge.
  • Cost varies for additional locations.